Tuesday, December 3, 2013

"Everything we want is on the other side of fear"

Fear, hope, desperation, a glimpse in my direction.

 in Nicaragua it's in their eyes.

An embrace so strong our hearts start beating together, where I can actually feel the weight of the burden they carry, begin to soften.

 In Cambodia it's in their touch.

An indescribable energy, a momentum and light you can feel.

In Tanzania it pours from their souls.

It's the common denominator that links the families and children in these countries together. It is the strength I have felt in an instant from a glance, a hug or someone reaching up to hold my hand. It's what drives me, every day, to share this experience with as many people as I can.

Anyone that has travelled with our group in the past has experienced these feelings and it is something that cannot easily be described. When you combine this feeling with all of the massive amounts of work we are able to accomplish in these countries and the beautiful landscapes and culture of each place, it plays out like a dream.

It has long been a personal dream of mine to be able to properly document our experiences, and feel like we are doing them justice. We have simply not had the resources to fulfill this dream. I found out last week that I am a finalist in a contest that GoPro is having to do just that! I would like to throw out into the universe that I would really like to win. Thank you.

To have the capability to document these experiences in a first person perspective so we could invite people into the experience and shed light into these parts of the world is an extraordinary opportunity.

As we make updates of photos and video available, they will then be shared through our website, allowing for a truly interactive global experience. Not only will we reach those that are in the greatest need of our support, but our story will also reach those in greatest need of awareness of our efforts. We have simply not been capable of bringing the efforts of those on the ground with the global community in real time. It is thrilling for me to think about the classrooms, families, and friends being able to experience this along with us and feel like they are there...without any jet lag!

My goal through this project is to to capture the wealth of love, color and beauty that exists in the most impoverished places on earth. To tell the stories of the indigenous people, and capture the beauty of tradition and custom that are weaved throughout their every day life. This project will open the eyes of the world to the fact that although our struggles are very different, ultimately we are all one.

Fingers crossed,


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