Thursday, December 26, 2013

A year in review

Love for the world we live in, love for our children, love for equal opportunities, this organization is fueled by love. We survive solely on the generosity of our supporters. With all that we have been able to accomplish, fueled simply by love and generosity it parallels with the simplicity of life found in the developing countries we work in.

At our annual fundraiser this past March we 
were able to raise   $14,315 
in three hours. The success of those three hours allowed us this year to directly impact thousands of children, families and communities around the world. In Cambodia we built two homes, that house 30 children. Children who previously slept outside. It's extraordinary to see the impact that some wood, nails, concrete and tin can have over someone's life. I think it was more powerful for the children to see the time, care, blood, sweat and tears put into creating their new homes; That we cared and loved them enough to create something beautiful for them. We were able to buy beds, mattresses, sheets and pillows for every child. The day we delivered and set up the beds was surreal. When we left for the day, all I could think about when I laid down to sleep was that those 30 children were finally enjoying some basic comfort for the first time in their lives. 30 tiny heads laying on 30 pillows, comfortable, not worrying about dengue fever or malaria from mosquitoes. We hung pictures of them in their new homes and wrestled with tears as they realized that this was for them, because they deserved to have a safe, clean place to sleep. We were also able to fill their bellies with food, their library with books, and their medicine cabinet for a year.

Food & supplies for 125 families,
In Nicaragua, a portion of the $14,315 dollars made it possible to save lives by providing medication, doctor visits and food. We have lost two children since starting our program in Nicaragua. Marbely died at 9 years old from a heart attack caused by her grandfather running out of her $5 medication. Alejandro was mistakenly given an injection that stopped his heart, he waited 8 hours to see a
government provided "doctor" for a broken arm.  So this money has been critical to never losing another child. It has absolutely saved lives. The lives of Jose daniel, Franklin & Clara, Milagro and Jesus. All suffering from disabilities and parents that can't afford the extra care required to keep them alive.

Escuela Especial, Nicaragua

"Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family." 

In Tanzania it was extremely satisfying to be able to spend $3,200 to provide 150 students with knowledge through textbooks. Previously, only the teachers taught from one battered and torn book, that was passed around the class. As we unpacked the books, the children excitedly peeked in through the doorway and began jumping and smiling, still unsure if the books were really for them. Next year we want to help tackle the $1,200 that is needed to feed all of the children every month and eliminate some of the burden from Mary Sinantei, the single mother and angel among us that keeps the place running, with no help from the government; Fueled by passion through her own struggles.
This brings me to our students from Vail, North Carolina and Florida who travelled with us this year and witnessed the power of love and compassion first hand, like never before. They struggled, fought, and gave every ounce of their hearts and energy every day. To help people they perceived as being able to do absolutely nothing for them.  They do not return they same way they come into this experience. working in these countries expands your mind and the capacity at which you thought you could love something or someone beyond anything you ever thought was possible. Creating global minded, compassionate teenagers that will one day be running the world. They care more, love bigger and want for less.
Naserian, Tanzania

So your donations have been hard at work and directly impacted the lives of not only the children and communities in the orphanages and schools we work in but also in the lives of of children here at home.  Thank you. It amazes me that a three hour fundraiser at a bowling alley full of people that care, and our sole title sponsor and friend, Bob McCormick, allowed us to accomplish so much good around the world. This would not have been possible without your support. So, with my a heart overflowing with love and gratitude, THANK YOU. You have given far more than you may ever realize.

With great love and gratitude,


*Our annual event will be March 2nd, 2014 at Bol in Vail once again! Our goal at this event is to raise $20,000. We are taking 42 students on four trips next summer to Cambodia, Nica and Tanzania!

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